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I hate the Dating Pool

I swear sometimes I think it needs more chlorine.

So I met this guy Drew at a local bar/pub. He's nice, when he's sober. I ran into him tonight and he kept touching me, and trying to kiss my cheek, etc. It made me very uncomfortable. I'm not okay with people just touching me at random. Sort of like Sheldon and his onion rings.

You have to understand, I've been out of the dating pool for about 9 years or so. I'm like Sheldon Cooper, very intellectual, but shut off from human contact/emotions, because I've been hurt too many times in the past. Self-perservation at its best!

My father is not happy that Drew has taken a shining to me. I don't blame him either. I know dating Drew won't go anywhere, but it would be nice to lightly date someone. I know Drew isn't Mr. Right but I'd just like to get back into the scene.

I guess I'm too old fashioned. What my parents think still influences my decisions. The main issue my father has is that Drew is "too old". Drew has gray hair, but that could be early graying or maybe not.

I don't know. :(

I'm just so confused. Just wish I could meet a nice guy like Sheldon and I'd be set for a while.

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