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Gallifreyan Improbability (Prologue/?)

Title: Gallifreyan Improbability (Prologue/?)

Author: Annjej76

Words: 2,571

Rating: PG

Pairings/Characters: Penny/Sheldon, Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Donna.

Crossover: Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, and Torchwood

Spoilers: Season 2 of BBT, Season 4 of Doctor Who, and Torchwood.

Author’s Note: Bizarre little plot bunny that hit me like a MAC truck. Should I continue this or not?




Sheldon didn’t know how the situation had come to this horrible conclusion as logic was eluding him. He was cold, tired, and painfully stiff from sitting on the stool down in the Torchwood morgue. He could go lie down on the cot Howard brought down but he wasn’t sleepy. He looked down at Penny and thought for a moment she was sleeping and if he shook her hard enough she’d wake up. He had refused vehemently to let anyone from Torchwood lock her away in stasis not when there was a minute chance she’d wake up.  So here he was keeping silent vigil over her still form and the only sound was the constant tick of the clock on the far wall behind him.


He was in awe at how attached he’d become to Penny over the years he’s known her. She had become a constant, like the sun, moon, tides, and string theory. She had become his living angel who showed him how to be human and she would wake up! She had to. He knew it was irrational to hope for her to wake up when he knew the statistics against it.




One year  Six Months and 4 days ago: ComicCon


“So should I be speaking with a British accent? I could practice incase I ever have a role where my character is from England.” Penny said looking down at her outfit which consisted of a Union Jack t-shirt, a blue leather jacket, blue jeans, and pink tennis shoes.


Sheldon just looked at her while leaning against the wall waiting for the rest of the guys.


“If you must Penny, but really not all participants at ComicCon get fully into character while here. Some dress up, some use fake accents to try and achieve coitus, and some just walk around and look for vintage Star Trek memorabilia.”


“So in other words, just be myself huh?”





Leaning over her still body he brushed some stray hairs out of her face. His finger tracing the cool skin of her forehead, and looking down saw her thin blue lips. He knew the others were watching on the CVC cameras up in the HUB. He didn’t really care. She had protected him with her life and so now here he was filling in as her silent protector. He didn’t know why she had lied to the aliens when they asked her to point him out so they could kill him. She just looked at them on the other side of the transmission and taking a deep breath called him Leonard.


He could still see the shocked look on Howard’s face at her statement. He noticed Howard’s eyes get cold and calculated as he decided to go along with the façade. Looking down at him he told Sheldon to write down the message as “Sheldon was slow on the uptake, and loved detailed messages.” Penny caught on and it was like watching a silent tennis match between two siblings trying to out do the other. Just like what he used to do with Missy when he was young. He was still in awe of the image of her unflinching gaze as the Schnocorax started choking her. She just mouthed a silent “screw you” as her eyes rolled back into her head. She had been so brave, yet so reckless.




“I just love the character Rose” Penny stated as she picked up an action figure of Captian Jack Harkness that was for sale. Looking at the price tag she put it back down on the table. She didn’t notice Sheldon’s frown at her action.


“What exactly do you like about Rose?” Sheldon asked fingering a realistic sonic screwdriver that sat there on the table.


“I just love how feisty she is, also her strong loyalty to the Doctor. Here she is a poor shop girl who decides to follow someone she hardly knows across time and space. It’s just so awesome. I just felt bad for Micky you know? He didn’t know what he did wrong for her to run off like that.”


Nodding, Sheldon paid for the screwdriver and slipped it into his leather jacket.


“I can see your reasoning on why you like Rose Tyler so much. You know you’re a bit like her personality wise I mean.”


Penny stayed silent. He looked over at her and noticed her poking her tongue out between her teeth like Rose Tyler her eyes bright with laughter. He just quirked an eyebrow at her and had to hold back a smile as she laughed and attached herself to his arm. Anyone watching them could tell that they were a pretty good facsimile of Doctor 9 and Rose Tyler.



Hour 0:

Yelling her name Howard had thrown himself on the alien’s back to try and stop Penny from being strangled. Sheldon had just stood there frozen unable to do anything but watch the scuffle on the other side of the transmission there in Torchwood 3. He watched helplessly as Howard had been beaten within literally an inch of his life for interfering. He didn’t even notice the Doctor place a hand on his shoulder as a sign of comfort. He just felt his vision go red. After ending the transmission the aliens sent the broken bodies of Penny and Howard back as a “message” to him and the Doctor. A quiet rage filled his being, as he stared down at Penny and Howard’s bodies that had appeared in one of the empty holding cells.


He stood silently in the cells doorway watching them, looking for any sign of life in the stillness that weighed down on all of them. The sound of Leonard vomiting echoed through the cells and the Weevils who were in some of the other cells rushed back into a corner and just hissed and rocked as if they knew something was wrong. He walked forward and gently picked Penny’s broken body up and pushed himself back into the corner, he just sat there and held her bloody body in his arms, not caring if he ruined his Green Lantern shirt. He tried willing her to live, words flowed from him but he couldn’t remember what he said. He had kissed her matted hair, tried clawing at his chest to give her one of his two hearts. He had been oblivious to Howard waking up with a start. He just remembered Captain Harkness or was it his new father the Doctor removing her from his arms. Did he cry? He remembered flailing, did he hurt someone? Looking down he noticed the dark blue bruises and cuts on his hand. So he must have hit something in his despair.



“I’m SO going to kill Barry Kripke if I ever get my hands on him” Penny huffed, placing her hands on her hips.


“Penny, he said it was safe. I didn’t think it would transport us to God knows where” Leonard said looking at her pleadingly and then to the others for support.


“You thought a LASER was safe? What is wrong with you Leonard? Kittens are safe, you put money in a safe, a laser run by one Barry Kripke who claims he can transport you anywhere in the world during ComicCon is not safe, it’s the exact opposite…what was that word again, it seems to have slipped from me…Penny?”


“Dangerous” she said shooting daggers at Leonard and the others.


“Thank you.”


“You welcome Sheldon.”


“I’m sorry Sheldon! I thought he’d transport us to the parking lot. I didn’t think he’d transport us here.” Leonard said flailing his arm around indicating their surroundings.


“Where exactly are we?” Penny asked taking in their surroundings for the first time since they disappeared from ComicCon.


Raj went over and picked up a newspaper, read it quickly, and dropping it just as quickly as he made an eep sound. Howard walked over and picked up the paper off the ground and read it, Penny noticed his face go ashen.


“Um guys and fair maiden. It seems that Kripke has transported us to Cardiff.” Howard said as he walked over to a bench to sit down.


“CARDIFF!! We’re in freakin’ CARDIFF…oh this is just great! I’m poor enough as it is guys, I don’t have money for a plane ticket home. Maybe if I call my parents they can wire me some money.” Penny said taking her phone out and dialing the number. She put the phone to her ear, and then looked at the phone as a frown crinkled her delicate features.


“What seems to be the issue Penny?” Sheldon said watching her actions.


“My phone isn’t working. It was working this morning, why isn’t it working Sheldon?” Penny said staring down at her phone in disbelief and shaking the phone to try and make it work.


“Here try my phone fair and majestic Penny” Howard said holding his phone out to her while bowing.


“Whatever, just hand it over Howard…” she said impatiently. Dialing the number she stared at his phone as well.


“Well??” he inquired.


“Seems your phone doesn’t work either” she said handing the phone back to Howard.


“How can that be? My mother bought me the best plan that has no roaming fees. I should be able to call anywhere in the world, maybe your just doing it wrong.” Howard said grabbing the phone back from Penny.


“Or maybe it’s because you came through the rift, and it’s pretty hard to get a signal here” a strange voice said from behind them.




His chest felt heavy even now looking down at her and memorizing her face. Never wanting to forget her and her strength she showed protecting his identity and his life.


Suddenly his watch beeped loudly and echoed off the round walls that surrounded them. He had spent 48 hours precisely watching over Penny’s still form. Now was his time to leave her to her final resting place. Swallowing the lump in his throat he bent down and kissed her forehead lightly. He placed a hand up gently cupping her face. He blinked a few times in surprise because looking back up at him was his Penny. She was awake, but how? Why? The statistics lied. He noticed that some color was starting to come back to her ashen features.


Her mouth moved forming silent words, and leaning down he felt her soft breath on his cheek as he heard the most beautiful sound ever. Not even two Tesla coils playing music was as beautiful as this, because he heard her voice saying words that seared themselves into his very soul.


“Thank you.”




“Holy Crap on a Cracker! Don’t do that!” Penny said grabbing her chest due to the sudden appearance of a man in a blue army coat. “What the hell? We came through a rift? But that’s impossible isn’t it?” she thought.


“Names Captain Jack Harkness, and if you’ll follow me...”


“Just wait a minute buster. I’m not following you anywhere. A) I don’t know you, B) what the hell do you mean we came through a rift? C) You could be some weirdo serial killer who just wants us to get into your SUV only to kill us and dispose of our bodies” Penny said ticking off the items on her fingers.


Sheldon turned sharply at some laughter behind him and noticed Ianto Jones and making eye contact Ianto tried covering it up by faking a coughing attack, Sheldon just quirked an eyebrow at Ianto Jones questioning his actions. Walking over to Penny he placed a hand on her shoulder and when she met his gaze he tried to calm her down “I don’t trust him either, if he’s anything like the television show back home, unfortunately he’s the only one who may be able to get us back home.”


“I know. I’m just so scared Sheldon. I just want to go home!” she cried wrapping her arms around Sheldon and burying her face in his shoulder and started to cry softly. Sheldon who looked taken aback by Penny’s actions just patted her back gently saying “there, there.”


“Gwen, could you show these lovely people to the HUB?” Jack said turning to his partner.


“Sure thing Jack, if you’ll all follow me please?”


Howard, Raj, and Leonard all nodded and started to follow Gwen.


Sheldon just stood there holding Penny and when she had calmed down enough gently guided her to follow the others.




Tears poured down his face freely, he gently scooped her up and held her against him as he slowly made his way back up to the HUB. Walking into the HUB he looked up and saw Captain Jack Harkness watching them. He nodded and walked over to the couch and gently set Penny down on it. Making sure she was comfortable he took a blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders.


Ianto Jones came up to him and looking up simply stated “she’s going to need something warm to drink to help increase her core body temperature. Coffee would be sufficient.” Ianto placed a hand on her shoulder and meeting Sheldon’s gaze simply said “cream and lots of sugar.” Nodding Ianto went off to make her drink.


Sheldon stood up and looking down at Penny lent down and kissed her head gently before going over and grabbing his leather jacket.


“Where are you going?” Penny asked her eyes pleading for him to stay.


“I need to go find someone who can help us get the Doctor back from the Schnocorax” Sheldon said straightening out his leather jacket that Penny had picked out for him.


“May I inquire as to who you are going to go find Mister Cooper?” Ianto asked handing the cup of coffee to Penny who stared down into its depths so she wouldn’t start crying.


“I have to find Donna Noble. She’s the only one who can help us.” Sheldon said walking towards the door.


“Why Donna Noble? I thought the Doctor erased her memories.” Penny asked quietly.


Sheldon turned and making his way back over to Penny knelt down and took her coffee from her and set it down on the coffee table next to him. He wrapped his arms around her awkwardly and leaning into her whispered the reason.


Pulling back he looked at her serenely “Now you understand why?” Penny could only nod and reaching out grabbed his hand and squeezed it almost not letting go. He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb and letting go made his way out into the Cardiff night.


Ianto who watched the entire scene play out looked down at Penny who was sipping her coffee.


“If I’m not imposing may I ask what the reason was for finding Donna Noble?” Ianto asked.


Penny just sat there and stared into her coffee mug. Ianto almost didn’t hear her reply but when he did he was shocked at the response.


“He said she was his mother” 

Just then Howard, Raj, and Leonard came in and then all hell broke loose.





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  • This Weekend

    This weekend is going to be WILD. Tomorrow I'm going up into the mountains to go to a friends wedding. Should be fun, unfortunately the weather…

  • Social Media

    I am either getting old or I just don't understand TikTok. Don't get me wrong. I love the app. I love a lot of the creators on there and their…

  • Living

    Well, it's been almost 3 years now since my Dad passed away and a lot has changed. I look back at my last entry and I feel so removed from the grief…