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Why I don't write fanfiction

I'm conflicted about my writing abilities. I think I write well, I tend to read over my work 10-20 times before posting. If it sounds like something I would enjoy then I post it. Only problem is I hate posting fanfiction.

I physically cringe each time I post a fanfic whether it's a drabble or a a 7 pager. I've had bad experiences of being racked over the coals because people hate the way I write specifically on So as a writer I figure "why bother?" I want to write the stories in my head, but if people are going to leave annoymous messages yelling at me then I figure my stories can stay in my head or on my hard drive of my computer.

I want people to enjoy my work, I do. I just wish when I ask for no flames that I wouldn't get some comment where someone is yelling at me because I made a mistake. GET OVER IT! It's a MISTAKE, it happens, grow up people. Geez.

Anyway, I'm just disillusioned. I know not everyone is going to like my work, that's fine, but why can't people be mature about their criticism? Are people that immature?

*Le sigh*


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